Low Thyroid Help for Men

Low Thyroid Help for Men in Greenville SC

Although it’s true that thyroid conditions are more common in women, that doesn’t mean they do not affect men. Men may experience many of the same symptoms of a thyroid problem as women: weight gain, dry skin, constipation, mood disturbances, brain fog, hair loss and low libido. Unfortunately, men may also have just as difficult a time getting relief from thyroid symptoms, too, even when they are under a physician’s care.

Like female thyroid patients, men are often under-evaluated, even when a thyroid problem is suspected. The standard course in conventional medicine for suspected thyroid conditions is to test TSH, or thyroid stimulating hormone, in order to evaluate thyroid function. If TSH, which is secreted by the pituitary gland, is present in abnormally high levels, it indicates low thyroid function. The patient is typically put on medication such as a synthetic thyroid hormone pill taken daily. This medication is designed to bring hormone levels back to normal so symptoms are alleviated.

Men and women who are put on thyroid medication are usually re-evaluated with blood work after a few months. It’s not uncommon for a thyroid patient to continue to struggle with symptoms even though they are told that according to lab results, their medication is working. They ‘should’ be feeling better, but they don’t.

Sometimes physicians recommend additional medications to address the unresolved symptoms men continue to experience even while on thyroid medication—sleeping pills for insomnia, antidepressants for mood disturbances, or NSAIDS for aches and pains. More medications may help temporarily, or appear to reduce symptoms. But in the long run, they are not solving the underlying problem. They also may cause unwanted side effects that end up making the patient feel worse than ever.

What’s really needed in such cases is a different approach altogether—one that gets to the bottom of the patient’s condition. Identifying and properly addressing the underlying health problems can bring about lasting relief from symptoms. When the root cause of the thyroid condition is managed, symptoms naturally fade.

Functional wellness is a unique type of health care that takes an alternative approach that can get real and lasting results for men who struggle with thyroid symptoms. In conventional medicine, evaluations consist of little more than minimal testing. A practitioner who is trained in functional wellness will investigate your condition deeply and thoroughly through comprehensive testing.

A full thyroid panel and careful testing and examination of every system, gland or organ that may be involved in a thyroid condition yields a very complete picture. With the benefit of a proper evaluation, a customized plan of natural and effective therapeutic support can be developed. This type of support can provide a lasting solution to thyroid problems, including symptom relief, so you finally feel better.

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