How To Boost Thyroid Function

Greenville SC Thyroid Doctor Explains How To Boost Thyroid Function

If you’ve been told you have low thyroid, you may be wondering what can be done to boost thyroid function naturally. Thyroid medication is designed to replace ‘missing’ hormones, but it doesn’t directly aim to boost function. In order to have an impact on thyroid function, you first need to know exactly what is causing poor function in the first place.

When the thyroid is failing to function properly, there is always a reason. Typically, it isn’t a simple matter of one thing leading directly to another, although it may be in some cases, such as when the thyroid has been damaged or removed due to injury, medical treatment, surgery or some other physical process. Most of the time, thyroid conditions are complex. More than one ‘thing’ is inhibiting proper function.

Some individuals have a genetic predisposition to thyroid problems. For some, an autoimmune condition directly impacts their thyroid health. Problems with gut health or function in a variety of systems and organs throughout the body may be involved. Hormone imbalance is another possible factor that should be considered.

Today, most of us are used to the standard healthcare model, and the idea that illnesses or symptoms have a cause that can be fairly easily remedied with a pharmaceutical solution. Unfortunately, this is not typically the case with chronic health problems such as low thyroid. It isn’t as simple as taking a pill to boost thyroid function. Even if it was, the root cause of the problem—what’s behind the functional issue—would remain unaddressed. A magic pill that could boost thyroid function would be nothing more than a band aid, or a temporary fix for a chronic problem.

The most effective way to boost thyroid function is to do so with a natural approach—one that is comprehensive. Functional wellness is a unique type of healthcare that approaches chronic health conditions with the goal of facilitating healing and recovery. This is very different from a ‘quick fix’ or temporary solution. It involves digging deep to uncover the reasons for sluggish thyroid function through comprehensive testing. Once it is clear why the problem is occurring, steps can be taken in the form of customized therapeutic support to promote better function. Ultimately, the patient feels better because improvements have been made, not because something’s been ‘added’ to replace what’s ‘missing.’

A practitioner who is trained in functional wellness will take a holistic approach to care and support for thyroid conditions. This means looking at the body as a whole to gain a full understanding of what is going on with the body—what’s causing the thyroid problem, and how low thyroid function is affecting physiological processes and how the patient feels. Comprehensive care that is holistic and customized to suit the patient’s unique needs is a safe and effective solution for low thyroid. Functional wellness care can do much more than boost thyroid function: it can help you achieve optimal wellness and feel your best long term.

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