Functional Wellness Care for Hashimoto’s

Greenville SC Functional Wellness Care for Hashimoto’s

When someone suffers from Hashimoto’s disease, they commonly will be prescribed medication to help with this health problem. Generally they are required to take synthetic hormones for the rest of their life in order to feel normal. This confines a person to expensive drug therapies and endless doctor’s visits, making them reliant on this therapy. Fortunately, there is an alternative to this therapy found in functional wellness care.

Functional wellness seeks to heal the body through holistic methods. Instead of isolating certain systems within the body, a functional wellness practitioner works on the entire body to promote lasting health. They believe that a body contains the tools necessary to heal itself, it just needs to be put in the best position possible to heal itself. This is done through a variety of all-natural methods meant to maximize a person’s chance of getting well by managing their Hashimoto’s disease.

The first key to developing a functional wellness therapy plan for a client is to take a comprehensive look at the patient as a whole. This is done through extensive face-to-face time where a functional wellness practitioner seeks to learn about a person’s lifestyle. Since nutrition can play a major role in Hashimoto’s disease, it is important to identify foods that may be causing or contributing to the problem. For instance, high salt diets have been shown to increase the risk for Hashimoto’s on account of the excess iodine.

A person may be unaware they are consuming too much salt simply because packaging on food does not necessarily accurately reflect nutritional information. Through a close examination of a person’s food, a personalized diet can be developed to help a person control their Hashimoto’s disease.

Another contributing factor can be a sedentary lifestyle. With a personalized exercise routine, it is possible to get the body healthy again and stop the autoimmune problems caused by Hashimoto’s disease. A functional wellness practitioner will develop a plan to get you exercising while also keeping you safe from injury.

If you suffer from Hashimoto’s disease and want to try an all-natural therapy plan to correct it, contact a functional wellness practitioner. By identifying your particular cause of Hashimoto’s disease and developing a therapy plan that addresses it, you may begin to feel healthy again in no time. To learn more, contact a functional wellness practitioner right away.

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