Effective Ways To Take Charge Of Thyroid Symptoms

Effective Ways To Take Charge Of Thyroid Symptoms In Anderson SC

Are you seeking support for low thyroid symptoms you continue to struggle with despite taking medication? Have you been told your TSH levels are ‘normal,’ and you should be feeling better—but you don’t? If so, it’s likely something’s been missed regarding your care. Instead of taking a ‘wait and see’ approach or hoping you’ll somehow start to feel better, opt for an alternative type of care that can get to the bottom of your symptoms.

The typical course of care in standard medicine for thyroid conditions involves testing and monitoring TSH levels. Medication is used to adjust lab values in the hope that the patient begins to feel better as TSH levels are stabilized in a normal range. Unfortunately, this approach to care can fall short. Thyroid disorders are typically complex conditions that do not necessarily respond well to this ‘one size fits all’ type of care.

Functional wellness is a unique alternative in healthcare that takes a highly in-depth approach to evaluating and supporting thyroid conditions. As a thyroid patient, multiple tests will be utilized so your practitioner can gain the most complete picture possible of your condition. By gaining a full view of exactly what is going on within your whole body, a practitioner educated in functional wellness can determine what’s causing your stubborn symptoms.

The thyroid is involved in virtually every physiological process in the body. Thyroid patients can suffer with much more than the commonly known symptoms related to a sluggish metabolism, such as weight gain or low libido. If you have a thyroid condition, you may struggle with depression or anxiety, joint pain or muscle cramps, hair loss, headaches, skin conditions and much more. Thyroid conditions can involve problems with the gut, the reproductive system, cardiovascular health and brain function. Comprehensive evaluation is crucial in order for all of your symptoms to be identified, sorted out, and effectively managed through therapy.

Once it’s clear what is going on in your body’s many organs, glands and systems, a customized plan of therapy can be developed to help you. Functional wellness utilizes therapeutic support that is non-invasive, natural and safe. The goal is to help the body heal by addressing very specific imbalances and dysfunctions. Therapy isn’t about altering lab values, but helping the patient regain optimal wellness. This is based on measured progress as well as how the patient feels over the course of care, not guesswork.

No matter the level of success or failure you’ve had with other types of healthcare, it’s likely functional wellness care can help you feel better. Medication is just one small piece of the puzzle comprehensive care for a thyroid condition can involve. You can get the best possible results from the care you’re already receiving and achieve optimum wellness by working with a functional wellness practitioner.

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