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Migraines, hair loss, weight gain, chronic fatigue, joint pain, constipation, insomnia, dry skin, and depression are just a few of the symptoms that patients suffering from a thyroid condition can experience. Most patients don’t experience all of these symptoms, and sometimes these symptoms may be attributed to other health concerns, so they don’t even realize that they have a thyroid disorder.

Unfortunately, thyroid dysfunction is on the rise. It’s estimated that at least 20 million Americans suffer from a thyroid condition. Sadly, a lot of doctors often misdiagnose thyroid conditions. This happens because the root cause of the thyroid disorder is being overlooked.

The reason that the underlying causes of the condition is missed is because testing is not comprehensive enough. You see most doctors are trained to test TSH levels and then prescribe medication if those levels are not within normal limits. However, if the TSH is within normal limits no further testing or treatment is offered. This is why many patients who have “normal” lab results still actually have a thyroid disorder. What is within normal range for your doctor may not be normal for your optimum health.

The other problem is that thyroid medication only successfully addresses one of the markers that could be causing your thyroid condition. This means that even if you’re taking thyroid medication, you may actually still suffer from your symptoms because not all of the underlying causes have been addressed.

In either case, the best scenario is to work with the right provider. A doctor with training in functional wellness care is going to take a different and more thorough approach. This type of provider looks at the body as an entire operating system rather than just isolated symptoms. They strive to determine exactly what’s causing your thyroid disorder and they do this through comprehensive testing. They understand that your body is a whole system, and if one body system is out of balance it affects all of the others.

When you have a thyroid condition it’s important to work with someone who will partner with you in order to achieve the best outcome for your overall health. This takes education about your condition so that you understand how to mange it. Because it can be challenging to make the necessary lifestyle changes required to effectively manage your thyroid condition, it also takes coaching and support throughout your recovery process. Don’t you owe it to yourself to find the right provider to be your partner in health?

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