Tips For Choosing a Low Thyroid Doctor

Tips For Choosing a Greenville SC Low Thyroid Doctor

When you suffer from a thyroid disorder it can be challenging to find the right care for your condition. It seems very straightforward to visit your primary care physician, however it’s important to be aware that you traditional practitioner typically follows the standard protocol for thyroid care. That is testing TSH levels and basing treatment on those results alone. There are a couple issues with that approach and the biggest problem is that the underlying causes of the thyroid condition is not being determined, and because of this many patients may remain undiagnosed or they’re misdiagnosed. Here are a few helpful tips to consider when choosing a practitioner to help you with thyroid dysfunction.

1) Find a practitioner who has training in functional wellness. This practitioner evaluates the body as an entire operating system rather than just isolated symptoms; therefore they are better equipped to help you recover successfully and for the long-term.

2) Work with a practitioner who offers comprehensive testing. Unfortunately, TSH testing is only one small piece of the thyroid puzzle. There are actually six to eight other thyroid markers that need to be checked in order to properly diagnose a thyroid condition. Comprehensive testing should include a complete blood chemistry panel as well as saliva, urine and stool testing. Your practitioner may choose to run other important tests based on your specific needs.

3) Find a practitioner who offers customized care. You are a unique individual, with your own symptoms, triggers and responses to therapies. Why would you want the same treatment as everyone else? A “one size fits all” approach to care rarely achieves the results that patients are looking for.

4) Work with a provider who is dedicated to long-term results. This is the provider who “digs deep” to determine exactly what’s causing your condition and then commits to helping you every step of the way throughout your recovery process.

5) Find a practitioner who has experience handling the “challenging” cases. This will typically be the provider who is known for finding answers and solutions where others could not. These practitioners have extensive training and knowledge about thyroid function and how it affects the other body systems. This is additional training that many traditional practitioners do not have.

Many patients are achieving life-changing results by working with a functional wellness provider. They appreciate that the care offered is designed for long-term results, and even better that it is not focused on medication. Keep these tips in mind when you’re considering a practitioner to work with in order to ensure the best results and most effective care for your needs.

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