Low Thyroid Solutions

Low Thyroid Solutions in Greenville SC

Which low thyroid solutions have you tried in an effort to improve your thyroid health? If you’re like most, you’ve only been given prescription medications that don’t make a difference. While this can be frustrating, it’s important not to give up hope. There are other solutions that may help, but you must work with a care provider who will help you find them. Functional wellness practitioners are perfect examples of care providers who do just this in order to help heal your thyroid.

Why Aren’t Medications Working?

Traditional doctors can make it seem easy to find low thyroid solutions because they are quick to prescribe medications. However, these do nothing to actually heal the root cause of the thyroid problem, which is why they seldom work for the majority of low thyroid patients. In order to find a solution that’s truly effective, you must first uncover the issues that are preventing the thyroid from working properly. This is why functional wellness practitioners offer in-depth testing that will pinpoint nutrient deficiencies, hormone imbalances, autoimmune conditions, or other health issues you might be suffering from.

It might be hard to believe there are other issues causing your thyroid to slow down, but for most patients, this is the case. In fact, it’s incredibly common to have these types of issues for years without even knowing it, especially if you’ve only been given basic TSH tests by your general doctor. However, once you are given the right tests, you’ll have important pieces of the puzzle to make your health whole again.

Implementing The Right Solutions Into Your Life

The solutions that are right for you will be based on your individual test results. This is why it’s difficult to say which will be included in your wellness plan. For example, if you had low iodine levels, your wellness practitioner would likely recommend changing your diet to eat more iodine-rich foods. Or, if you had Hashimoto’s disease, they’d begin looking for the issues that were triggering that autoimmune response within your body. While this might sound complex, your functional wellness practitioner will walk you through every step and explain why certain changes are so important for your thyroid health.

With more of an understanding, you’ll be able to implement your personalized solutions into your life with confidence. Since these will be addressing deep-rooted issues that were harming the thyroid, it’s very likely you’ll see vast improvements once they are applied. However, because the body does take time to heal, it’s important to be persistent and remember that it may take time to see the changes you’re looking for.

Your Future With a Healthy Thyroid

Improving your thyroid health can be possible when you work with a functional wellness practitioner. Their dedication to finding the root cause of the problem and healing your thyroid is unparalleled. When you work with them, you’ll be working towards better whole health that genuinely makes a difference in how your thyroid functions.

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