Help for Thyroid Disorders

Help for Thyroid Disorders in Greenville SC

Thyroid symptoms can range from uncomfortable to debilitating, and unfortunately, they can be very stubborn. When a thyroid disorder isn’t properly managed, symptoms may worsen over time. The condition itself—what is causing the thyroid problem—may progress, too. For some, this involves increasing health problems.

If you’ve seen your doctor for thyroid symptoms or support for a known thyroid condition, it’s likely you’ve undergone blood tests to evaluate TSH. TSH or thyroid stimulating hormone levels are checked to evaluate thyroid function. When thyroid function is too high or too low, symptoms can results. The most common type of thyroid disorder is hypothyroidism, and it’s characterized by TSH levels that are too high. The common course for care of low thyroid in standard medicine is medication that’s designed to bring thyroid hormone levels into balance.

Unfortunately, medication does not always help thyroid patients feel better. This may be true even if according to blood work TSH levels are normalized. It may ‘look’ as if the medication is working, but symptoms continue or may even worsen. The individual may be given a higher dosage of medication or a different type, but what if this fails to help, too? In such cases, a different approach to thyroid support may be the best option.

Although it involves blood work and appears to be a customized solution for thyroid patients, drug therapy falls short of its goal to help many patients because it is incomplete care. Thyroid medicine does not address the underlying cause of the problem with thyroid function. Similarly, anti-depressants, sleeping pills, pain relievers or other medications might be given to patients to try to help reduce thyroid symptoms. But they often fail to work and sometimes create more problems in the form of side effects or additional health risks.

Trying to mask symptoms is not the only approach to helping thyroid patients. Functional wellness care goes beyond trying to alleviate symptoms; it seeks to find and address the root cause of the thyroid disorder. The thyroid is involved in functions throughout the body—very important ones. Energy production, body temperature regulation, hormone balance and much more may be involved in thyroid dysfunctions.

Thyroid conditions are complex, and functional wellness care is uniquely suited to sorting out everything that is going on with the thyroid patient’s health. Thorough analysis through comprehensive testing and a careful consideration of the patient’s health history can reveal why there is a thyroid problem—why the person feels the way they do—and what can be done about it.

Functional wellness care involves safe, natural therapeutic support that is specifically designed to help the individual person recover and heal. There is no guesswork involved. Care focuses on lifestyle changes that have direct, measurable impacts on function throughout the body in very precise ways. This type of care is efficient and effective, and it is meant to bring about lasting changes and long-term solutions. It’s important to remember…do not discontinue any medications until you have talked to your current doctor.

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